26 okt - 31 okt 2020 / Budapest / Hungary

„Around Self Made Man“ by Nina Santès/ Cie La Fronde

Following the first part of the residency, completed in August 2020, and online presentation of the the performance Self Made Man at the festival Tanz Platz in Novi Sad, the artistic crew of CIE La Fronde will be back in Hungary to continue their cooperation with Viktor Szeri !

In October, the French crew and the Hungarian dancer shall meet again in order to complete the second part of the residency and to mount the performance that treates the questions raised  by « Self Made Man ». The final results of this cooperation shall be presented during a performance in French institut in Budapest (The exact date and time TBC)

SELF MADE MAN is a score for a self-taught body. This solo performance explores the idea of construction, through different lenses : construction of a body, an identity, a house, a show, a relationship to the world. Movement, voice, sounds, objects, are interlaced, built, destroyed, continually transformed. A body and a space emerge in front of us, creating multiple fictions.


This project, implemented through cooperation between French institute of Serbia and French institute of Hungary, was supported by the French institute in Paris and the program Tetroskop.