8 sep - 27 okt 2023 / Turkey, Greece

Artistic residency : Dünya Maskara – Rewriting archives

„Dünya Maskara“ is a bilingual Greco-Turkish project conceived by choreographer Mairi Pardalaki, where dance, text and music play an equal part.

„Dünya Maskara“ is designed as a group performance inspired by 19th century bilingual archives and tomb inscriptions from Istanbul, written in „karamanlidika“, a writing system of the Turkish language using Greek characters. Mairi Pardalaki and poet Çağla Meknuze explore the traces of this past linguistic proximity and invent new approaches, to excavate and create unexpected connections between Greek and Turkish cultures.

Embodied by a group of performers, using voice and movement, staged in an open-air venue, the aim of the project is to explore the traces of this great linguistic proximity of the past and invent new proximities, engaging the local artistic community in each country.

The project is supported through Teatroskop « Artistic Cooperation and Networking Grants » 2023.


Istanbul, Athens

Artistic residency at Akbank Sanat Studio from 8 to 20 September, in Istanbul, Turkey

with artist talk and open rehearsal on the 20 September

Artistic residency at Kinitiras Studio Lab from 21 to 27 October, in Athens, Greece

with open rehearsal on the 27 October