11 Jun 2021 - 18:00 & 20:00 / Zagreb, Croatia

„As we drove short short horizon lines“ by Claire Huber

This June, the Zagreb Dance Week audience will have an opportunity to see the premier of this performance, which is the result of collaboration between French poet and choreographer Claire Huber, Croatian dancer and musician Nastasja Štefanić, and Kurdish musician and vocalist Stalin Blake. A truly international show!

About the performance:  The starting point for this piece were the asymmetrical rhythms found in the Balkans all the way to the Middle East. Fascinating rhythms since they articulate diversity instead of blending it, the rhythms that are bridging two different logics: the time that is counted and the time that is modulated.  On a long trajectory that departs in Kurdish lands, goes through the Balkans all the way to Western Europe and back again, we drive melodic lines. Melodic lines that materialize through words,  movements and sounds.

This cooperation project is supported through Teatroskop Artistis Cooperation Grants 2021.


Zagrebacki Plesni Centar

Ilica 10, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia