14 okt - 17 okt 2022 / Albania, Bulgaria

« As we drove short short horizon-lines» BY CLAIRE HUBER

« As we drove short short horizon-lines » is a sonic and choreographic piece, a collaboration between the poet and choreographer Claire Huber, the dancer and musician Nastasja Štefanić, and the musician and singer Stalin Blake.

As a starting point for the piece: the asymmetrical rhythms found in the Balkans till the Middle East. Fascinating rhythms since they articulate diversity instead of blending it. They go 1212 123, or «short short short long», or «titititi taaaaaaaaa»; alternating two different time signatures, or rather, bridging two different logics: the time that is counted and the time that is modulated.

On a long trajectory that departs from Kurdish regions and goes all through the Balkans up to Brussels, and back, the trio drives rhythmic lines. Rhythmic lines that materialize through words, movements and sounds. Profiling an abstract pathway with cultural residues, the piece invites to listen to the sensitive inflections of continuous journeys through heterogeneous territories.


Tirana, Sofia

October, 14th, at Tirana International Dance Festival, Tirana, Albania.

October, 17th, at Act Festival, Toplocentrala, in Sofia, Bulgaria.