15 sep - 20 sep 2021 / Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia

Cie Dans6T: „Telles Quelles/ Tels Quels“

With its strong background in  hip-hop dances, the Dans6T company  will tour our region for the first time and present Bouziane Bouteldja’s show in Sofia, Novi Sad and Rijeka!

Telles quelles/Tels quels tells the story of several dancers from Morocco and France. This engaged piece questions the notions of identity and freedom of expression in our society. On both sides of the Mediterranean, the dancers exchange and share their cultures through various apporaches.


This regional is supported through Teatroskop 2021 Tourig & Capacity Building Grants 2021.


Sofia, Novi Sad, Rijeka

15/09 at Derida Dance Center, Sofia (BLG)
17/09 at festival Tanz Platz, Novi Sad (SRB)
20/09 at Croatian cultural center, Rijeka (CRO)