1 maj - 5 maj 2023 / Bulgaria

Dancing together: „OUT OF THE BLUE“ by Sine Qua Non Art, with bulgarian dancers

With „OUT OF THE BLUE“, choreographers Christophe Bélanger and Jonathan Pranlas-Descours (Sine Qua Non Art) propose a performance in close collaboration with local artists between dance and visual arts.

By seeking out the stories, personal experiences and cultural identities of the different performers, based on their relationship with water, the sea and the color blue, the two choreographers come up with unique result at each location, here at Toplocentrala, after four days of creation with nine Bulgarian dancers.

This format has already been presented in six different countries, including Croatia at Dance Week Zagreb in 2022, and is now coming to Sofia, Bulgaria for the first time.

With the financial support of Teatroskop and the French Institute in Bulgaria.



Rehearsals from May 1 to May 4

Performance on May 5 at 7.30pm at Toplocentrala, Sofia, Bulgaria