2 maj - 28 Avg 2021 / Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania

Danubia: The floating residency casts off

Between May and August 2021, the French company Des Châteaux en l’air will travel with the AMORADOS boat from Strasbourg to the Danube Delta.

During this journey, they will collect images and sounds, sensations, experiences, and they will seek to dialogue with people who can transmit the “stories” of the river: those who are familiar with the river and those who live the river (historians, geographers, naturalists, artists, mariners, fishermen, workers, residents, etc.). They will keep track of these meetings through video portraits of the Danubians, by recording the words, the songs, the music, the dances, the expressions.

As they progress, they will draw up a map of the river with videos that witness the stages of their journey. This map will be available in digital form at www.danubia.org.

Upon their return, they will translate their experience of this moving world into a multimedia show that will be premiered in November at the TJP – CND Strasbourg Grand Est.

This project is supported within the framework of the Call for projects for the artistic cooperation Teatroskop 2021.