20 Nov 2021 / Belgrade

Varan workshop in Belgrade

Call for applications


During this very intensive workshop, the 10 participants will tackle the fundamentals of documentary filmmaking and will take the first steps towards becoming independent filmmakers. Following a short period of technical initiation, analysis of reference films, location scouting and writing, everyone then begins shooting a short film based on a common theme. The editing (assisted by professional editors) also allows to assess the essential relationship between filmmaker and editor.


  • For those wishing to gain a first experience of documentary filmmaking with all it entails in terms of
    the commitment and requirements involved. For those wishing to renew or reassess their documentary
    filmmaking practice.
  • No technical skills required.
  • Working languages of the workshop : English, French, regional languages. You have to be able to
    understand and talk in English.
  • Age : 18-35 years old
  • Residents of the following countries : Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, North
    Macedonia, Serbia.
  • 10 participants
  • The participation fees are free : the costs are covered by the partners of the project


In Belgrade Youth Center – Dom omladine Beograda, Makedonska 22 Belgrade, Serbia
From the 22/11/2021 to the 29/01/2022 (holiday break from the 25/12/2021 to the 15/01/2022)


Selection is a two-step process.

1/The first step is a written application consisting of :

  • A resume (CV)
  • An autobiography, free-form, 2 pages
  • A one-page text, with or without a picture, on one of the following themes:
    Tell us about a place
    Tell us about a moment in life
    Tell us about your neighbors
  • The application form – on the following page

These items are to be returned to us by email varan@domomladine.org with your complete contact
information. We do not want a dissertation, but a text in which you are speaking directly to us. We do
not wish to receive any cover letters.

The documents must be written in English.

2/Pre-selected applicants will be given an appointment for an interview before being definitively
admitted. The interview will happen in Belgrade or by phone or zoom.


Deadline for sending the written application : 21/09/2021 23:59 (utc+2)
Dates for the selection interviews : 09 & 10/09/2021 or 13 & 14/09/21 (tbc)


Dom omladine Beograda

Makedonska 22

From the 22/11/2021 to the 29/01/2022