30 mar - 6 apr 2023 / Hungary, Bulgaria

I remember „Heaven is far away the Earth as well“ / Aurélien Bory (Cie 111), Mladen Materić

Je me souviens « Le ciel est loin la terre aussi » (I remember „Heaven is far away the Earth as well“) by Aurélien Bory (Cie 111), like a remake with burlesque melancholy of Mladen Materić’s play, with an intense poetry, which resonates with family stories and transmission

In 1994, in Toulouse, Aurélien Bory attended the show „Le ciel est loin la terre aussi“ (Heaven is far away, the Earth as well) by director Mladen Materić, known for his elegant and sensitive theater. This performance deeply marked him by its visual force, and left luminous and persistent traces in his own journey as an artist.

What remains in us from the shows we have seen, when the curtain comes down? What do we do with these memories? Here are some of the questions Aurélien Bory and Mladen Materic are addressing. It is not strictly speaking a question of recreating the show identically, but, from elements – the sets, the costumes and even the original actors! – to recount how a work of art becomes a source of inspiration.

The tour is organised with the support of the French Institute in Paris – IF Export, the French Institute in Hungary, the French Institute in Bulgaria and Teatroskop.

Trailer : Je me souviens Le Ciel est loin la terre aussi


Budapest, Sofia

March 30 and 31, 2023 at Trafó, Budapest (Hungary)

April 5 and 6, 2023, at Ivan Vazov Theater, Sofia (Bulgaria)