25 nov - 29 nov 2021 / Serbia, Bosnia

„Instable air“ by Laurent Bigot

Following the success of his Slovenian tour in 2020,  this November, Laurent Bigot starts his regional tour through Western Balkans with several performances of „Unstable Air“ (D’un air instable) in Serbia and Bosnia! 

„Unstable air“ stages disposable objects, discarded. Abandoned, as if returned to the wild, they indulge in their rites of sounds and gestures. They live their own world, uncanny echo of ours, not playing without humor about their refound vitality… In a dreamlike night, malleable or unstable objects are awakened, animated by the flow of air blown into their bronchi. Taking life, they rock, crack, move, breathe, whistle, belch, whirr … they speak, answer each other. It is tempting to play with them. Laurent Bigot builds a music in their company. However, they are clever and unpredictable partners.

→ Trailer

This tour is supported through Teatroskop Call for Projects 2020 and 2021.


Belgrade, Novi Sad, Mostar

November 25 , 20h00  Svilara – Kulturna stanica at festival K2+ in Novi Sad (SRB)
November 27,  19h00, Drugstore Belgrade at Ring Ring festival in Belgrade (SRB)
November 29, 19h00 at Lutkarsko kazaliste in Mostar (BIH)