13 apr - 28 apr 2024 / Bulgaria

Open Call: One Dance Workshops

The workshop tutors will be the choreographers from the FOCUS FRANCE program – Joachim Maudet, Benjamin Kahn, Dovydas Strimaitis, and Brandon Masele from MazelFreten dance company. The schedule of the module is available here.

— All artists active in the field of contemporary dance and based in Bulgaria are invited to apply.
— The maximum number of participants is up to 20.

For the participants not based in Plovdiv, One Dance and Teatroskop will award up to 12 mobility grants to cover (partially or fully) their transportation and accommodation costs in Plovdiv. The single scholarship is worth 100 BGN (brutto), and all non-residents of Plovdiv will be eligible to apply. In addition to this, One Dance will provide each participant with 4 tickets to all performances in the FOCUS FRANCE selection. Its program is available here.

These 4 different workshops will engage participants in the diversity of French contemporary dance, focusing on various techniques, methods, and themes. They include the relationship between the voice and the body as a creation foundation of performances, the use of silence and static, verbal means of expression, and the phenomenon of electro dance.

The One Dance Workshops program is supported by the Municipality of Plovdiv and Teatroskop – South-Eastern European Network for Performing Arts, initiated by French Ministry of Culture, French Institute and French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs. The programme „Focus France” is realised with the support of the French Institute of Paris



If you would like to participate in the One Dance Workshops, please send your short free-form submission to hello@onedance-festival.com by the 28th of April 2024 (Sunday), including. Please send your email with the subject „One Dance Workshops“.



If you would like to apply to One Dance Workshops and receive a stipend, please send a short resume and cover letter (300 words) to hello@onedance-festival.com by the 28th of April, 2024 (Sunday), including.  Please send your email with the subject „Scholarship – One Dance Workshops“.

Feedback and results are expected by email on the 29th of April 2024 (Monday) or the following day at the latest. Selection criteria include experience, full-participation availability and motivation, and early applications do not take precedence over others.

Important note: Stipend recipients choose and arrange their logistical details for accommodation and transportation to Plovdiv. Information regarding documentation signing and receiving the stipend (92.5 BGN netto) will be sent after selection.

* All applications will be reviewed by the team of One Dance Festival in confidence.


  • To participate in the workshops, send your free-form submission to hello@onedance-festival.com by the 28th of April, 2024.
  • To apply for a scholarship, send your resume and cover letter to hello@onedance-festival.com by the 28th of April, 2024.
  • Results will be announced via email on the 29th of April 2024.