19 Jun - 30 Jun 2023 / France, Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia

Participation at Camping programme for three dancers from the region

As part of Camping, a programme organised by the Centre national de la danse, Teatroskop, the French Institute in Serbia, the French institute in North Macedonia, and the French Embassy in Kosovo are supporting the mobility of three young dancers from the region, for a fortnight of workshops in Pantin, France.

Camping brings together professional dancers, future professionals, renowned artists and choreographers, to immerse themselves in a condensed choreographic context, creating a dialogue between different generations. Conceived as a large-scale laboratory for experimentation, Camping offers courses, workshops, conferences, meetings, debates and public presentations of performances with various partners.

Following the success of the pilot project conducted in 2022, and in consultation with the centre for contemporary dance based in Belgrade Stanica, the French Institute in Serbia, in North Macedonia and the French Embassy in Kosovo are supporting the participation of three promising dancers.



from June 19 to June 30 in Pantin, Île-de-France