11 Jun - 16 dec 2023 / Croatia, Serbia, Greece, Romania, North Macedonia

Regional tour : „As we drove short short horizon-lines“ by Claire Huber

„As we drove short short horizon-lines“ is a choreographic and musical piece created by Claire Huber based on the rhythms of the Balkans, in collaboration with dancer Nastasja Stefanic and musician Stalin Blake.

A performance at the crossroads of dance, poetry and music, the piece explores the fascinating rhythms of the region, embracing its different influences, from the Middle East to Western Europe, in order to articulate its multiple cultural and artistic expressions.

Conceived as a living score for multiple voices, instruments and bodies, it is an intimate piece that invites the audience to ‘listen’, to shape their perceptions over a long term, to pay a sensitive and alert attention to what is not immediately given.

The production of the show was supported by Teatroskop and the tour is supported through Teatroskop « Touring and Capacity Building Grants » 2022 and 2023.


Dubravica, Belgrade, Šibenik, Athens, Cluj, Skopje

on June 14 in Pusca, as part of a residency in Dubravica, Croatia

on July 4 as part of the BELEF Festival in Belgrade, Serbia

in October 31 at Transit House in Cluj, Romania

on December 16 at Arsen Art Center in Šibenik, Croatia