7 maj - 13 nov 2022 / Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia

Regional tour: Collaborative project „Duel“

Following a successful premiere at the last year Cirkobalkana festival in Belgrade, the show DUEL, a collaborative project by Cirkorama, Cirkusfera and Un loup pour l’homme, goes on a regional tour!

Through partner and aerial acrobatics, Duel stages a confrontation between four artists who alternatively play as a team and as adversaries. In this cheerful piece, each choice entails a sacrifice, and each victory is shadowed by the risk of a future defeat, but always in an atmosphere of beautiful complicity.

In addition to the shows, workshops of several circus disciplines and for all levels will be held.

The production of the show was supported by Teatroskop and the French institute in Paris, while the regional tour is supported through Teatroskop Grants 2022.

Duel is part of the campaign Circus (must) SEE 2022, part 1  and Circus Must SEE 2022 part 2


Belgrade, Zagreb, Rijeka, Split, Travnik

07/05/2022: Show at Bitef Theater in Belgrade, Serbia.
02/06/2022: Show at Cirkobalkana Festival in Zagreb, Croatia.
29/08/ 2022: Performance and workshops at Pericsope Festival in Rijeka, Croatia.
31/08/2022: Performance and workshops in Travnik, Bosnia.
01/10/2022 – 10/02/2022: Performance at 7 p.m. Cirkobalkana Festival in Belgrade, Serbia.
11/11-13/2022: Performance at the Night of Circus in Split, Croatia TBC