27 maj - 22 nov 2022 / Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia

« Forecasting » by Barbara Matijević & Giuseppe Chico

« Forecasting » is an intelligent and unconventional creation which stands at the frontier of dance, theatre and visual arts. It reflects the contradictory nature of Internet and explores the way digital culture has influenced our relation to the body, to identity and to imagination.

« Forecasting » develops around a collection of amateur YouTube videos, drawing from history, popular culture, art, science, video games, and movies. On a giant screen, a multitude of stories simultaneously coexist, thus influencing one another’s perception and interpretation. As images become fantastical prolongations of the performers’ body, the audience is immersed in a dizzying hybrid experience that seeks to reveal how technological evolution influences our thoughts, cognitive processes, mental and physical habits, and bodies.

A 2-hour masterclass will be given in different festivals and venues. Its aim is to look at the concept of intermediality and to give concrete artistic strategies of negotiation between the physical and the virtual.

Regional tour and workshops are supported through Teatroskop Cooperation Grants 2022.


Skopje, Belgrade, Maribor, Cluj, Cluj

05/27-28/2022: Show at 20 p.m. the National Museum of Belgrade and masterclass at Belgrade Dance Institute, Serbia.

09/2-3/2022: Show and masterclass at GT22, Maribor, Slovenia.

11/21-22/2022: Show at Tranzit House, Cluj, Romania.