19 maj - 25 okt 2023 / Hungary, Serbia, Romania, Croatia

Regional tour : « Forecasting & Screenagers Vol. 2 » / Cie Premier Stratagème

With their performances „Forecasting“ and „Screenagers Vol. 2“, Barbara Matijević, Guiseppe Chico and Cie Premier Stratagème are back in the region to question our relation to digital culture.

With „Forecasting“, by using a collection of YouTube videos, a hybrid experience between the artist and the two-dimensional world of images is created, resulting in a zone of indeterminacy, playing with the way technology and the digital flow is shaping our imaginaries.

„Screenagers Vol. 2“ is set up as a reflective musical, where the performer’s mission is to capture in song the pains, demons, vibrations, joys and impulses that run through the desert of his psychological interior – an interior that looks suspiciously like our online media landscape.

The tour is supported through Teatroskop « Touring and Capacity Building Grants » 2022 and 2023.

© Yelena Remetin


Veszprém, Novi Sad, Cluj, Rijeka

Forecasting on May 19 at Veszprém Dance Festival, Hungary

Screenagers Vol. 2 on September 18 at Tanz Platz Festival, Novi Sad, Serbia

Forecasting on October 13 at Tranzit House, Cluj, Romania

Screenagers Vol. 2 on October 25 at Hrvatski kulturni dom na Sušaku, Rijeka, Croatia