22 sep - 29 sep 2023 / Croatia, Serbia

Regional tour : „To Be(ech)“ by Cie Iéto

Directed by Benjamin De Matteïs, and performed by Fnico Feldmann and Itamar Glucksmann, „To Be(ech)“ was conceived as a trio : two artists sharing their sensitivity and benevolence with a beech tree, a counterpart, another representative of the living world.

In  the show „To Be(ech)“, Cie Iéto is telling the story of the passage of time, of our fragility in a cosmos that surpasses us, of their way of resisting chaos and climbing to the heights while anchoring themselves in solid ground, finding an obvious and luminous correspondence in the simple presence of  a tree which becomes a partner.

Although having a longevity that is difficult for us to apprehend, the tree carries within it a lot of the human condition through its strength and vulnerability. By storming this emissary of nature in a thousand and one ways, the acrobats fluidly create more than a spectacle, they create a metaphor.

Trailer : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YRdhOHm6rF4

This tour is supported through Teatroskop « Touring and Capacity Building Grants » 2023.

© Guillaume Larignon


Klanjec, Zagreb, Belgrade, Novi Sad

at Spomen-park znamenitih Klanjčana in Klanjec, Croatia, on September 22 at 17h

at Školski park in Dugave in Zagreb, Croatia, at Kulturan ulični festival, on September 24 at 18h

in Novi Sad, Serbia, at SKCNS Fabrika on September 28

in Belgrade, Serbia, at CirkoBalkana Festival, on September 29