2 nov - 30 nov 2022 / Bulgaria, Slovenia, Serbia

„SCREENAGERS Vol.2“ by Cie Premier Stratageme

SCREENAGERS Vol.2 takes the form of a reflexive DIY musical, rooted in the fact that songs have traditionally served as repositories of common experience, as a way to bridge generational gaps.

In a firsthand, first-person approach to songwriting, the performer presents us with an intimate compendium of songs about obscure emotions that she can feel but cannot find a word for in her everyday life.

Her mission is to capture through songs the aches, demons, vibes, joys and urges that roam the wilderness of her psychological interior – an interior that strangely resembles our online media landscape, materialising on stage in the form of haunting QR codes, prophetic chat-bots and deceptive green screens with which the spectators can interact via their smartphones.

SCREENAGERS Vol.2 proposes a collection of highly idiosyncratic folklore music for the digital age: the world where everything collapses into everything else in a chaotic deluge which is part and parcel with online life, asking what has that done to our psyche and our imagination, that we can take it all in and keep scrolling.


Sofia, Ljubljana, Subotica

November 2nd, at Toplocentrala, in Sofia, Bulgaria.

November, 27th, at CoFestival, in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

November, 30th, at Désiré Central Station, in Subotica, Serbia.