4 jul 2022 - 20.22 / Novi Sad

„Nož i melem (Adieu Europa)“ by Anne Bérélowitch in Serbia!

Anne Bérélowitch and her international crew  spent more than a month in Serbia to work on a multilingual stage adaptation of Danilo Kis’ writings, one that switches from French, to Serbian, Hungarian and German!

Two years ago, Anne Berelowitch staged a multilingual performance of Moliere’s “The Bourgeois Gentleman”, and it is now the turn of Danilo Kis to go multicultural !

First step of Anne Bérélowitch’s Kis project has been the adaptation for stage of three of Kis’ short stories: “The stateless one”, “The Lute and the Scars” and “Jurij Golec”. This year, the project consisted of a series of residencies that investigated Kis’ important themes, the relevance of his writings in today’s world, and the references to French culture found in his work.  Through this series of residencies, the show “Noz I Melem (Adieu Europa)” has been created and will be presented within the official program of Novi Sad European Capital of Culture 2022 on the 4th of July!

This project is supported through Novi Sad 2022 Foundation, the French institute in Serbia and Teatroskop Grants 2021 and 2022.


Youth Theatre

Show will be at 20.22 (8.20 p.m.) on the 4th of July at the Youth Theatre in Novi Sad, Serbia.