11 sep - 19 sep 2021 / Croatia, Serbia

Un loup pour l’homme: „Cuir“

This year,  Cirkobalkana festival (Belgrade) and Peculiar families festival (Split) will present several French productions, with the latest creation of the company Un loup pour l’homme as one of the highlights.  Besides the presentation of the show, the French artists will also organize acrobatics workshops for local professionals in both cities.

About the performance: Cuir is a duet on the notions of traction and attraction, by Arno Ferrera and Mika Lafforgue. In a powerful body-to-body confrontation, two harnessed men play at manipulating each other’s bodies. The cautious pleasure they take in transforming each other into an instrument, an apparatus, a playground or a battlefield engages them in a struggle with mutual consent. Between traction and attraction, they do not aim for power over the other, but rather power with the other.


The regional tour of the company Un loup pour l’homme is supported through Teatroskop Touring & Capacity Building Grants  2021 and it is part of regional program Circus (must) SEE.


Split, Belgrade

11/09, 20h30, Galerija Doma omladine, Peculiar Families Festival, Split (CRO)
18-19/09, 18h00, Cirkobalkana festival, Belgrade (SRB)