17 jul - 24 jul 2022 / Srbija

Wordly renowned Cie XY takes over the streets of Novi Sad!

The Company XY is the biggest collective of acrobats in Europe. Here, they invite their audience on a joint, acrobatic journey where the objective is to always go further!

Invited by Foundation Novi Sad 2022 and in cooperation with local artists, the XY company will embark on a 1-week journey to find the best space-time to design what they call “sensitive architectures”, a concept which refers to constructions of the body and the gaze. The collective takes to the streets and, with delicate movements, applies themselves to lifting and carrying strangers. The intention is to take in their arms the gravity of the other and thus revive their childhood memories along with the sensations of softness, tranquility and trust that they carry. By revealing these intimate memories, they in turn reveal snippets of the collective memory that inhabits our surroundings.

The project “Voyages” is part of the official programme of Novi Sad European Capital of Culture 2022.


Francuski institut u Srbiji, Novi Sad

17th to 24th of July in Novi Sad, Serbia.