17 sep - 18 sep 2020 / Novi Sad

“Around Self Made Man” by Nina Santès / CIE La Fronde

Regional cooperation 

Initially imagined as a regional tour of the solo performance Self Made Man (CIE La Fronde), created and performed by Nina Santès, due to Covid19-related travel restrictions, the project Around Self Made Man was adapted into a hybrid cooperation with Hungrian artists Viktor Szeri and Serbian Festival Tanz Platz.

Artist residency, August 23-29: At the end of August 2020, Nina Santès and Lynda Rahal travelled to Budapest where they worked with Viktor Szeri on a creation of a performance based on Self Made Man. 

The results of this cooperation shall be presented during a performance at the French institute in Budapest, on September 18.

Presentation of Self Made Man: Meanwhile, in Novi Sad (Serbia) a screening of the performance Self Made Man, followed by an online chat with Nina Santès, shall take place on September 17, within the French day at the festival Tanz Platz.


SELF MADE MAN is a score for a self-taught body. This solo performance explores the idea of construction, through different lenses : construction of a body, an identity, a house, a show, a relationship to the world. Movement, voice, sounds, objects, are interlaced, built, destroyed, continually transformed. A body and a space emerge in front of us, creating multiple fictions.



September 17th 2020, Novi Sad, Serbia, Festival Tanz Platz, Edjseg Cultural Station
September 18th 2020, French institute in Budapest, Hungary

This project was supported by the French institute in Paris and the program Tetroskop.


Kulturna stanical Edjseg, Antona Čehova 4, Novi Sad

September 17th 2020, Novi Sad, Serbie
September 18th 2020, Budapest, Hungary