18 sep - 24 sep 2023 / Turkey

Artistic residency : Forgotten Stories (Unutulmuş Hikayeler)

„Forgotten Stories (Unutulmuş Hikayeler)“ is a residency programme with a series of workshops and masterclasses for Turkish artists on site-responsive and immersive performance.

With „Forgotten Stories (Unutulmuş Hikayeler)“, Turkish director Görkem Acaroğlu and Turkish writer Zerrin Yanıkkaya, in collaboration with French contemporary dance company Ex Nihilo, are focusing on untold or forgotten narrtives of place, working with site-responsive and immersive performance, and highlighting the many different ethnicities and cultures that inhabit the old city of Gaziantep,

Accompanied by a sound designer, the team will spend a week together to develop a working method, and present three masterclasses for local artists.

The project is supported through Teatroskop « Artistic Cooperation and Networking Grants » 2023.



Artistic residency from September 18 to 24, in Gaziantep, Turkey