30 jan - 10 mar 2023 / South-East Europe

Call for Projects : « Artistic Cooperation and Networking Grants – Teatroskop 2023 »

In 2023, Teatroskop wants to continue its reflection on its approach and its role on supporting artistic cooperation on a regional scale. Last year, to deal with the manifest imbalance in representation of women and minorities in the artistic field, we supported projects led by female artists and artists from diverse backgrounds. A success that encourages us to make these projects a priority again this year, while also focusing on those carried by disabled artists, for whom barriers in our sector are often still to high.

This call for projects aims to support the cooperation and collaborative practices in performing arts sector between France-based and South-Eastern European professionals, taking into account the diversity of the French contemporary scene, the needs of regional artists and the necessity to rethink existing cooperation models. Additionally, considering the importance of networking for our partners, we strongly encourage this type of initiative. Through this call, the applicants are encouraged to include Teatroskop in the very process of project conception, so that they can jointly work with Teatroskop on development of a more sustainable international cooperation.

Finally, Teatroskop aims at equitable representation of the French contemporary scene, so the applicants including projects conceived and performed by female artists, projects representing diversity of artistic backgrounds, as well as projects conceived and performed by disabled artists, are strongly encouraged.

The Call for projects « Artistic Cooperation and Networking 2023 » is open until March 10, 2023.

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