25 jan - 6 mar 2022

Call for projects: „Touring & Capacity Building Support 2022“

In 2022, Teatroskop continues to rethink its approach to touring support. This year, the intention is to initiate a rebalancing of the Teatroskop support in favor of projects led by female artists and artists from diverse backgrounds. This strategy is adopted in order to deal with the manifest imbalance in representation of women and minorities in the artistic field, by promoting more vigorously the visibility of their works in South-Eastern Europe.

This call for projects aims to support the tours of France-based companies and professional artistic encounters in South-East Europe, while taking into account the diversity of the French contemporary scene, the needs of regional artists and the necessity to rethink existing touring models. This call encourages the cooperation between applicants in order to develop a more sustainable approach to touring, cost and project sharing.

Furthermore, France-based companies and their regional partners hosting the shows are encouraged to take into account the necessities of the local scene and to organize, whenever it is possible, professional workshops, master classes and/or other types of professional encounters between France-based and local artists.

Finally, Teatroskop aims at equitable representation of the French contemporary scene, so applications including projects conceived and performed by female artists and projects representing diversity of artistic backgrounds are strongly encouraged.

The Call for projects Touring & Capacity building support 2022 is open until March 6 2022.

To download the Guidelines for the Call for projects, click here.
To download the required draft of the budget, click here