Regional program for performing arts in Southeast Europe

Initiated in 2011 by the French institute in Paris, the French Ministry of Culture and the French Ministry of European and Foreign Affairs, Teatroskop is a program designed to boost the cooperation between France and South-East Europe in the field of performing arts in its most contemporary and audacious forms. The program supports reinforcement of professional networks through encouraging the project-sharing, enabling professional encounters and stimulating cooperation between the regional actors and the French scene.
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To find out more about our activities and projects that we support, please check out our annual reports!

Annual report 2023
Annual report 2022
Annual report 2021
Annual report 2020
Annual report 2019
Annual report 2018


Tanja Gavrilovic, coordinatrice de programme Teatroskop

Caroline Sotta, attachée culturelle à l’Institut français de Serbie

Chloé Dubois, chargée de communication Teatroskop

Catherine Faudry, chargée de mission Danse à l’Institut français Paris

Vanessa Silvy, cheffe de projet cirque, arts de la rue, marionnettes à l’Institut français Paris

13 feb - 21 dec / Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina
Project CIRCUS = ART

CIRCUS = ART is the first year-round project for developpement of contemporary circus in Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina. The project, initiated and run by local organizations, was conceived and implemented with support of French partners.