19 maj - 27 maj 2024 / Slovenia, Croatia

Cie “Marche pas pieds nus”: regional tour, workshops and residencies

The Vitkar zavod Theatre Association, funded by Slovenian dancer and choreographer Branko Potocan, is set to showcase Pondus at the 22nd edition of its International Red Beats Festival in May 2024. The association is supporting the show as a production partner by organizing its regional tour, workshops, and residencies.

Pondus is a contemporary circus show created by Clara Zolesi and Diogo Santos, and produced by the Montpellier-based company „Marche pas pieds nus.“ The show brings together an acrobat, a dancer, and a musician, depicting three distinct worlds on stage. The authors of Pondus created the show with the intention to critique modern individualism and promote coexistence and cooperation as the path toward happiness and humanization.

During the show’s tour, workshops will be conducted to explain the concept and artistic approach of Pondus to a diverse audience, including professionals and non-professionals. These sessions will provide a unique opportunity for creative exploration, encouraging the sharing of ideas and the interpretation of the project as a collective effort. Furthermore, the artists will utilize the residencies to explore the potential for adapting the project to different spaces while involving various local and public players.

About Clara Zolesi:

Clara Zolesi started her dance training in the South of France, where she explored various styles before focusing on contemporary dance. She pursued professional training by joining Florence’s Opus Ballet and now spends most of her time collaborating with other artists and participating in artistic residencies. She enjoys working with dance, performance, space, and audiovisual art and hopes to expand her horizons in Europe and beyond.

About Diogo Santos:

Diogo Santos is a graduate of Chapitô and the National Institute for Circus Arts in Portugal. He is an artist who explores various forms of art to offer a unique approach to performance. He mainly uses Chinese pole, dance, and acrobatics to create an emotional and responsive experience for the public. By pushing the boundaries of physical theatre, dance, and acrobatics, he creates a unique artistic language that is abstract and immersive.

This program is being supported through the Teatroskop 2024 call for projects.


“Pondus” performances

On May 19, 2024, in the Barutana creative district in Kamnik, Slovenia

On May 26, 2024, as part of the Rdeči revirji festival in Hrastnik, Slovenia

On October 3, 2024 (to be confirmed) as part of the PUF international theatre festival and in partnership with SAKUD in Pula, Croatia


Workshops led by Clara Zolesi and Diogo Santos

On May 19, 2024, in partnership with the Priden Možic cultural centre in Kamnik, Slovenia

On May 20, 2024, in partnership with the Odtiz Institute in Ljubljana, Slovenia

On May 22, 2024, in partnership with the Vitkar Institute in Hrastnik, Slovenia



From May 18 to May 27, 2024, in Ljubljana and Hrastnik, Slovenia