27 maj - 25 sep 2022 / Croatia, Serbia

Collaborative project „BAKEKE“ on tour!

Cirkorama (Zagreb), Ludifico (Novi Sad) and Cirkusfera (Belgrade), together with the company Fabrizio Rossely, joined forces to organize a regional touring of Bakeke.

Bakeke offers a unique contemporary circus show combining object manipulation – here, case buckets – and theater clowning. The piece explores people’s everyday needs, successes, failures, and difficulties.

Along with the show, object manipulation workshops will be held.

This tour is supported through Teatroskop Grants 2022.


Zagreb, Belgrade, Novi Sad

May, 27th, to June, 1st in Zagreb, Croatia, as part of Cirkobalkana festival

September 21st to 25th in Belgrade, Serbia, as part of Cirkobalkana festival, and in Novi Sad, Serbia.