5 Jun - 13 Jun 2021 / Croatia, Hungary, Slovenia

“Instable“ by Les Hommes penchés

After the great success of their last year’s regional tour, the solo performance «Instable » (CIE Les hommes penchés), conceived by the acrobat Nicolas Fraiseau and directed by Christophe Huysman, continues its regional tour through South-East Europe! 

About performance: A man hangs onto an almost invisible iron wire as it becomes unstable. To make up for this instability, the acrobat becomes an anchor point, working hard to find inner stability. He derives his power from fragility and the limits of the human condition, ultimately telling a story and reflecting not on instability, but on action.


This tour is supported by the French institute in Paris through program La Collection 2021.


Zagreb, Kapolcs, Ljubljana


05/06 – Cirkobalkana festival, Zagreb, Coratia

11/06 –  Bondoro Street Art Festival, Kapolcs, Hungary

13/06 –  Klovnbuf Festival, Ljubljana, Slovenia