17 sep 2021 - 21:00 / Beograd

Premiere of the performance „Duel“ (SRB, CRO, FR)

A fruit of a year-long cooperation project Light out of suitcase and of several artistic residencies in Serbia and Croatia, the show DUEL, coproduced by Cirkusfera (SRB), Cirkorama (CRO)  and Un loup pour l’homme (FR) will finally meet its audience at Cirkobalkana festival!

Four acrobats are facing the outcome of the confrontation. At times they play against one another, at times they choose to play together. Their choices will demand sacrifices at the account of their honor. They are chasing goals and accepting defeats.

The project Light out of suitcase was supported by French institute in Paris and Teatroskop and it is part of regional program Circus (must) SEE.


Cirkobalkana festival

Silos Belgrade, Dunavski kej 46