10 Jun - 25 sep 2022 / Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia


BESTIAIRE is a contemporary circus proposal, by Cie Bal – Jeanne Mordoj, in which the artist is neither a freak nor a champion, but simply a member of the human menagerie.

The audience is circled around a space of 4 by 4 meters – a space that could be a boxing ring as well as an exhibition showcase. At the heart of this arena, is an acrobat: Hichem Chérif. The artist embarks on a joyful and disturbing journey into animal strangeness. In this speechless show, the body has a voice, which is used to portray the raw energy of animality. Bestiaire offers a vibrant ode to imagination as well as an investigation of the concepts of freedom, transformation and transgression, whether you are six years old or older!!!

Bestiaire is supported by La Collection.

Bestiare is part of the campaign Circus (must) SEE 2022, Part 1.


Split, Travnik, Novi Sad, Belgrade

June, 10th in Split, Croatia as part of the Peculiar Families Festival.

June, 12th in Travnik, Bosnia.

September, 24th and 25th in Novi Sad and Belgrade, Serbia.