18 apr - 28 apr 2023 / Serbia, Hungary

Regional tour : « Danubia – Miroir des eaux » / Cie Des châteaux en l’air

With „Danubia – Miroir des eaux“, the French company Des châteaux en l’air presents a participative multimedia performance exploring the Danube, leading the spectator on a poetic and creative journey.

In 2021, for nearly four months, Ramona Poenaru and Gaël Chaillat travelled along the Danube on their boat, collecting stories and impressions on this legendary river. The show is the restitution of this experience, with an interactive set-up where the participation of the audience is needed to feel the magic of the Danube.

Prior to the show, Ramona and Gaël also organises workshops for parents and children over 8 years old. Participants are invited to create sensitive maps, using their emotions and imagination to translate their perception of their environment into drawings.

The residency was supported through Teatroskop 2021 cooperation grants, while this tour is supported through Teatroskop 2023 touring and capacity building grants.


Smederevo, Novi Sad, Budapest


April 19 at 6pm, April 20 at 6pm, and April 21 at 12pm at Kulturni Centar Smederevo, Serbia

April 24 at 8pm at Fabrika – Studentski Kulturni Center Novi Sad, Serbia

April 27 at 2pm and April 28 at 9am and 2pm at Bethlen Téri Szinhaz, Budapest, Hungary



April 18 at 12pm, and April 20 at 12pm at Kulturni Centar Smederevo, Serbia

April 22 at 4pm and 5.30pm at Museum of Vojvodina, Novi Sad, Serbia

April 26 at 4.30pm at the French Institute in Budapest, Hungary