23 maj - 11 Jun 2022 / Croatia, Slovenia

Regional tour : “Lento o Violento“ by Calentina Vortese

“Lento o violento“, a psycho-theatrical breakdown at the cross border of different genres, displaces you into its uncanny universe.

Lento o violento by Cie Calentina Vortese is an enigmatic speaking out. It is built as a multi-layer puzzle, as a hybrid form crossed by circus, theater, music, silence, illusion, reality, doubt, symmetry, irony,… In an absurd yet rational way, the piece opens a window into loneliness. The audience gets slowly immersed in a familiar impression of déja-vu in which dissonance, repetition and glimpses of realism intertwine.

Regional tour of Lento o violento is supported through Teatroskop Grants 2022.

Lento o violento is part of our campaign Circus (must) SEE 2022, part 1.


Zagreb, Split, Ljubljana

05/23-28/2022: Residencies, workshops and performance at the Big Hall Pogon Jedinstvo in Zagreb, Croatia
05/31/2022 – 06/03/2022: Workshops at HALA 100 and performances at the Puppetry Theatre in Split, Croatia.
06/06/2022 – 06/11/2022: Workshops at Skala and performances at Plesni Teatar, Ljubljana, Slovenia.