29 Jun 2021 - 20:00 / Beograd

“Shelter“ by Sine Qua Non Art and Belgrade Dance Institute

This June, French choreographers Christophe Béranger & Jonathan Pranlas-Descours, will be on a residency in Belgrade, where they will work with the students of the Belgrade Dance Institute!  A new choreography, under the working title ‘Shelter’ shall be produced and presented at the Belgrade summer festival BELEF. 

About performance: SHELTER is a new creation inspired with twofold inspiration: on one hand, there’s a musical score, where music and dance create a velocity, a speed, a flight of bodies for the audience; on the other hand, there’s a history of a legendary city such as Belgrade, which have witnessed a cycle of deconstruction and of rebuilding through decades… We are then building a shelter, from inside, that allows us to open to the world and reflect its contradiction, the quietness of the urban world and the heroism of living through. We reflected on how easily things fall apart, even the structures we imagine to be eternal, while the body remains our temple. 

This cooperation project is supported through Teatroskop Artistic Cooperation Grants  2021.


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