21 Jun - 13 okt 2024 / Greece, France

Artistic residencies: Birth Land

Conceived by the Collectif Strates (FR) and Pedio Technis (GR), in collaboration with ArtFraction (SRB) and A Festival in Samothrace, this co-creative project is testing Birth Land’s method for the first time through a year-round residency program. The program involves two phases: a three-day residency at Samothrace’s Festival in June 2024, and another at Centquatre in Paris in October 2024.

Birth Land is an artistic project that initiates a dialogue between video art and live performance in an installation setting. It aims to explore pregnancy and motherhood by delving into the real experiences of women artists. As both an installation and a solo performance, this project is designed to be adaptable to various spaces and countries, thereby facilitating the participation of local pregnant artists in each presentation.

Addressing the underrepresentation of diverse narratives about pregnancy in the art field, Birth Land offers an interactive creation tool. Through open calls, writers collaborate with local pregnant artists to produce an evolving text based on their testimonies. This interaction connects the stories of women artists from different cultural backgrounds, manifested in a live performance. Rooted in local communities, this project highlights the conflicts between socially constructed ideals of female body appearance and the lived reality of pregnant women.

This program is being supported through the Teatroskop 2024 call for projects.



From June 21 to 24, 2024, as part of A Festival in Samothrace in Samothrace, Greece

From October 10 to 13, 2024, at the public cultural centre Centquatre in Paris, France


Networking event

On June 22, 2024, as part of A Festival in Samothrace in Samothrace, Greece