6 nov - 10 dec 2020 / Serbia, Hungary

« aSH » by Aurélien Bory/Cie 111

The final piece in Aurélien Bory’s trilogy consecrated to contemporary female dancers and choreographers start its tour in Serbia and the next stop is Hungary!

With aSH, Aurelien Bory ends his trilogy of portraits of women – dancers and choreographers – in which Kaori Ito and Stéphanie Fuster have already starred. The visionary French director focuses on the rhythmic and vital energy of dancer Shantala Shivalingappa. She overlaps with the majestic figure of Shiva, as the protagonist and muse of aSH, as a goddess of creation and destruction. Shantala dances on a blanket of ashes: symbol of the cycle of death and rebirth and of a circular energy rooted in Indian cremation rites and in the vibrations of dance as a source of energy and life.




November 6,  20h00,  Atelje 212, at Belgrade Dance Festival, Serbia (with support of Institut français de Serbie and Teatroskop)

December 10, 20h00, Trafo House, Budapest, Hungary