23 Avg - 3 sep 2021 / Kelebija

Circus, sound & movement workshop by Les Hommes Penchés

Following the regional tour of the show Instable in 2020, supported by the Teatroskop program, and in addition to the regional 2021 tour, supported by La Collection, the company Les Hommes penchés, in cooperation with the French Institute of Serbia and the association Nyàri Mozi, offers a 10-day workshop on the practice of movement and sound.

This is a high-level training course for around twenty participants, mostly from regional art schools, based on the expertise of the French artists. This project is in line with the development and the needs of the regional circus scene and it represents a step towards the development of a long-term cooperation between circus artists and art schools in the SEE region.

For more information and workshop registration, please click here.

The deadline for registration is August 15th.

This project is supported by the Institut français de Paris and the Teatroskop program



NYÁRI MOZI Színházi Közösség

Granicarska 35

Deadline for registrations: August 15, 2021