28 maj - 6 Jun 2021 / Zagreb, Croatia

Cirkobalkana Festival in Zagreb

For its 9th edition, the Cirkobalkana Festival returns to Zagreb, with the mission to gather and support regional and foreign circus artists in one place, encourage cooperation, exchange ideas and experiences and present contemporary circus to a wider audience through its authentic and innovative performance vocabulary , which stems from its transdisciplinarity.


As always, there is space at the festival for a wide range of circus performances: the affirmed and emerging circus artists, awarded circus shows and works in progress. With support of Teatroskop and French institute in Croatia, two French companies will present their shows within the festival: Los Putas Makinas will present thir show „Tutti Frutti“ (30.05), while the company Un Loup pour l’homme shall perform Le Cuir at the closing of the festival (05.06).  Furthermore, through a platform Circusnext, which supports the emerging circus artists, two more works in progress shall be presented, by France-based artists Chiara Marchese and the company OLGA_ CirqAnalogue. In addition to the performances, French artists will lead numerous workshops for local artists.


Regional tours of Un loup pour l’homme and Los Putas Makinas are supported through Teatroskop Call for Projects: Touring and Capacity Building Grants 2021. 



Pogon Jedinstvo

Trnjanski nasip bb


30.5.2021. Los Putas Makinas Company (FR): „Tutti Frutti“, performance

2.6.2021. Chiara Marchese (FR): „The weight of the soul – everything is provisional“

3.6.2021. OLGA_ CirqAnalogue (ES): »LP (Long Play)«,

5.6.2021. Un loup pour l’homme (FR): „Cuir“, performance