Teatroskop – How it works?

Depending on the type of action you wish to implement, you can request our support, advice, and/or financial support. To ensure you don’t miss any information, follow us on our social networks and sign up for our newsletter.

Information sharing :

Teatroskop monitors news in the performing arts sector in France, Europe, and South East Europe. We share information regarding funding opportunities, calls for projects, calls for residencies and other information of general interest.

Financial support :

Every year, Teatroskop launches a call for projects aimed at France-based and regional partners. The call is open from late January to early March and covers all fields of activity (distribution, cooperation, capacity building, etc.).

Besides our call for projects, we assist France-based companies in seeking funding opportunities for their projects in South-East Europe. Additionally, we co-develop projects with regional partners and help them, as much as possible, to identify co-financing opportunities in France.

For any inquiries outside of our call for projects, contact us at teatroskop@institutfrancais.rs

Project co-development :

If you are based in France and looking for partners for an artistic project in South-East Europe, we can provide you with a list of potential partners and guide you through the process by facilitating the necessary contacts. Don’t forget to inform the French Institute in Paris and the cultural attaché of the concerned country about your project.

If you are a performing arts programmer in the SEE region and would like to host a French show, we can provide information regarding ongoing or scheduled tours. And don’t forget to apply to our call for projects for touring support!

To participate at a showcasing in France, attend a performance of a show supported by Teatroskop, or propose a training session or professional meeting in your country or region, contact the cultural attaché in your country and Teatroskop to tell us more about your project.