18 maj - 2 jul 2023 / Slovenia, Serbia

Regional tour : « La Fuite » / Olivier Meyrou

Performed by Mathias Pilet, Olivier Meyrou presents „La Fuite“, the poetic and burlesque universe of a vagabond-clown, in a circus show that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

With the character of Hektor, Olivier Meyrou reinvents the emblematic figure of the clown in silent cinema, in a burlesque tradition of gags, tics and unexpected reactions. He loses control, finds himself in unexpected situations, but always looks for grace, in the utopia of a better, more poetic world.

As an acrobat, mime and dancer, Mathias Pilet wanders through the obstacles of everyday life, with a performance that perfectly incarnates the innocence of his hero.

The tour is supported through Teatroskop « Touring and Capacity Building Grants » 2023.

© Pierre Planchenault


Maribor, Novi Sad, Belgrade, Ljubljana, Novo Mesto

A poetic and burlesque circus show for the whole family

May 18 at Festival Crossings in Maribor, in Slovenia

May 24 at Fabrika – Studentski Kulturni Center Novi Sad, in Serbia

May 27 at Festival Sola in Belgrade, in Serbia

from June 28 to July 2 at Festival Ana Desetnica in Ljubljana, Novo Mesto and Šoštanj, in Slovenia