1 Jun - 15 Jun 2022 / Croatia, Slovenia

Regional tour : „Racine(s)“ by Inbal Ben Haim

Racine(s), by Inbal Ben Haim and Cie L’Attraction, is the result of a visual, physical and poetic journey; it is the outcome of an exploration between a woman and the earth.

Racine(s)’ beautiful ode to our planet carries the consideration that one’s relationship to the earth can never be dissociated from one’s identity, whether a traveler, a foreigner, a nomad, an immigrant, a nature-lover, or a trapeze artist. In the piece, the artist subtly unfolds the question: “although we all belong to the earth, does the earth belong to us?”. The reverberation of this question takes on a form infused with movement as it encounters the musical universe of David Amar.

Regional tour is supported through Teatroskop Grants 2022.

Racine(s) is part of the campaign Circus (must) SEE 2022, part 1.


Zagreb, Sisak, Split, Ljubljana

06/01/2022 : Performance at CircoBalkana Festival in Zagreb, Croatia
06/04/2022: Performance at RE-THINK Sisak and Cultural Street Festival in Sisak, Croatia
06/06-07/2022: Workshops at CirkoBalkana Festival in Zagreb, Croatia
06/10/2022: Performance at Peculiar Families Festival in Split, Croatia
06/15/2022: Performance at Klaunbuf Festival in Ljubljana, Slovenia