20 apr - 22 apr 2023 / Croatia

Regional workshop : Circus analysis and criticism with Jean-Michel Guy

As part of Peculiar Families Festival, the Contemporary circus artists association (DUSC) is organising a contemporary circus analysis and criticism workshop, with the participation of Jean-Michel Guy.

Aiming to improve the status of contemporary circus and outdoor arts in Croatia and in the region, and recognizing the importance of journalists and critics in promoting artistic quality, DUSC is organizing this workshop in Split in order to develop professional staff able to follow and analyse contemporary circus productions. The three-day workshop will include lectures, performance viewing, and critical writing mentored by Jean-Michel Guy.

Jean-Michel Guy is a sociologist, an author, a director and a professor of critical analysis. He is an external collaborator with the French Ministry of Culture and prestigious French and Italian schools, including the Centre National des Arts du Cirque (CNAC), in Châlons-en-Champagne.

The project is supported through Teatroskop artistic cooperation grants 2023.



From April 20 to April 22 in Split, in Croatia