1 maj - 6 maj 2023 / Croatia

Regional workshop : Train the circus trainer modules with Pierre Chartier

In connection with the French circus school Turbul’ and the association Appel d’air, the Contemporary circus artists association (DUSC) and the Wizard’s hat Association (Čarobnjakov šešir Association), based in Croatia, are organising an intensive six-day workshop intended for circus educators in the SEE region, with the participation of Pierre Chartier.

Continuing the already existing exchange initiated in 2015 with circus school Turbul’, association Appel d’air and the circus artists of the region, DUSC, Čarobnjakov šešir Association and Cirkusfera are offering a workshop for circus educators in the region, with the aim of professionalising their teaching methods and gaining access to the pedagogical tools best suited to their environments.

The workshop will be led by Pierre Chartier, circus artist and director of Turbul’ circus school, who has developed a methodology that emphasizes the benefits of learning circus arts for all, focusing on the basic principles of movement and the psychomotor development of the human body, which are essential to the teaching of any quality physical discipline.

The project is supported through Teatroskop « Artistic Cooperation and Networking Grants » 2023.



From May 1 to May 6 in Pula, Croatia