24 nov 2021 - 19h00 / Subotica

„Smashed to pieces“ at Desiré Central Station festival

Smashed to pieces was created within the framework of the program Sujets à vif, organized by the Festival d’Avignon: two artists from two different disciplines, who do not know each other, are invited to create together a short piece presented during the festival. 

Raphaël Cottin, dancer and choreographer, and Pierre Meunier, author, actor and director, and Marguerite Bordat, scenographer and visual artist, have jointly created Smashed to pieces, a joyful show about destruction.

The principle of destruction, the happy and joyful feeling in the act of breaking, the real pleasure of coming to an end with what burdens us, with what obscures our horizon, thus finding the conditions of a new start, of a possible change. Memory smashed to pieces, the body of old dismantled, space opens, no more obstacle, what’s next? “Buffet A Vif” is an extraordinary, surprising show that explores the borders of theatre and performance.

The performance will be accompanied by two workshops led by Pierre Meunier and Raphaël Cottin.

Production: La Belle Meunière – La Poétique des Signes.


National theatre of Subotica

Trg Slobode, Subotica

For more information, please visit the official website of the festival.