15 nov - 20 nov 2021 / Slovenia

„Tournez avant les ruines“ in Maribor!

This new project of Compagnie de l’Inutile is a choral and plural creation, imagined and created by Kate Papi of Compagnie OBRA, by Eric Vanelle of Compagnie de l’Inutile and by 20 youngsters who took part in this project. This year it will be presented in Slovenia, and in 2023 it will be presented in Serbia and Greece!

The essence of the project is to create an original artistic form for these young people, for their desires, their conscious or unconscious dreams, their revolt, their desire to go beyond the walls that stand in front of their future. The essence is to follow these desires and to stage them. To let these young people act as citizens and to reveal their artistic potential.

The performance  is part of the European project „Europe for citizens“ EYE-NET.



The exact time and date of the performances shall be announced soon.