24 Jun - 1 jul 2022 / Romania, Slovenia

REGIONAL TOUR : D-Construction by Cie Dyptik

Popular and interactive, D-construction questions the nature of the social link in public space.

D-Construction is a hip-hop dance piece by Dyptik, a company funded by choreographers Souhail Marchiche and Mehdi Meghari.

It questions: What unites us? What separates us? What brings us together? How are we capable to challenge territories, borders and institutions?

By physically placing the spectators at the heart of both the play and the urban scenography, D-Construction invites them to get involved and to make the experience of commitment and revolt. Drowned in the mass, the dancers blur interpersonal relations. They seek to connect with the audience, but also to surprise it and thus push it to react. Hence why improvisation plays an important role in this piece where language becomes the one of the body: personal, unique, liberated.

This tour is supported through Teatroskop Teatroskop Touring & Capacity Building Grants 2021.


Sibiu, Maribor, Novo Mesto, Ljubljana

06/24 – D-CONSTRUCTION – Sibiu (Romania) / FITS Festival – 8p.m.

06/25 – D-CONSTRUCTION – Sibiu (Romania) / FITS Festival – 8p.m.

06/28 – D-CONSTRUCTION – Maribor (Slovenia) / Ana Desetnica Festival – 9.15p.m.

06/30 – D-CONSTRUCTION – Novo Mesto (Slovenia) / Ana Desetnica Festival– 8p.m.

07/01 – D-CONSTRUCTION – Ljubljana (Slovenia) / Ana Desetnica Festival – 8p.m.