12 nov - 17 nov 2023 / Albania, Slovenia, Croatia

Regional tour : „Never Twenty One“ by Smaïl Kanouté / Cie Vivons

With „Never Twenty One“, choreographer Smaïl Kanouté creates an ode to life in tribute to young victims of firearms.

Echoing the hashtag #Never21 designed by the BLACK LIVES MATTER movement, Smaïl Kanouté pays tribute to the young victims of gun violence in poor and discriminated neighborhoods of New York, Rio or Johannesburg, who die before the age of 21.

In an urban atmosphere tinged with shamanism, through their graffitied bodies, three dancers embody the words and evils of the victims and their families. Such as wandering spirits, they tell us about these stolen and broken lives. Moving from krump to electro, popping to contemporary dance, different energies slowly come through to bring out their invisible presence and name their inexpressible pain

Teaser : NEVER TWENTY ONE – Smaïl Kanouté / Compagnie Vivons 

This tour is supported through Teatroskop « Touring and Capacity Building Grants » 2023.

© Carlos Alvar


Tirana, Ljubljana, Zagreb

on November 12 in Tirana, Albania, as part of the Albania Dance Meeting Festival

on November 15 in Lujubljana, Slovenia, at Španski borci cultural center

on November 17 in Zagreb, Croatia, with the Dance Week Festival